Which is best suited for learning, Pen and paper or Keyboard?

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Over the past few decades, the exponential development of technology has led to some amazing technological advancements that have shaped the world we live in.  Now more than ever, technology has a major influence in our daily lives and this has and will continue to transform the way we live our daily lives.


One of the sectors that have undergone such drastic technological development is the Education sector in Kenya. Ever since the election period back in 2012, where the Jubilee presidential candidates; in a bid to get elected, announced that they would revolutionize the education system of our country by going digital. Things have changed.


Despite the fact that it took several years to fully realize their digitization efforts, Jubilee party; now the governing body in our country, have definitely changed our education system. Some of the technological innovations that were incorporated into the school system have and will forever alter our process of learning and education.


Modern educators have realized that in order for education to be purposeful and effective, there has been need to embrace the technology trends. Technology in the classroom is now considered to be not  only a matter of choice but a necessity. Almost every student (especially those living in urban areas) now know how to operate a smartphone, tablet or a PC and also knows where to get educational resources and some can even download textbooks.


Many people, especially the millennial children, now consider the traditional ways of learning as repulsive and uninteresting .The old pen and paper learning is now considered “old school” and unnecessary. Well, the pen and paper may have been the only options back in the day, but the tools for learning have undergone plenty of technological upheavals and now the pen and paper approach has a competitive rival, The Keyboard.


Some people actually still opt to write with a pen and paper.  Especially the marginalized people; with limited access to tech gadgets, and the older generation who had been used to “old school writing“ before the onset of smartphones and computers. They consider it to be faster, and easier as well. Actually, many poets still use the pen and paper to write down their poems.


Here are some of the main reasons given by people on why they would opt for the pen and paper or the Keyboard approach to learning.


Pen and paper

According to a research commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation, Children are more likely to make substantial progress in literacy if they learn through pen and paper than using a keyboard. 50% of the children who used pen and paper made more progress than those who used computer based courses.


Many academics also believe that when a child produces work independently from memory as opposed to the prompts promoted by the keyboard force children to focus on their work more closely. These consequently make them to commit their work to their long-term memory.


The pen and paper approach to learning is more flexible than the keyboard as it allows the teachers to easily tailor the learning style and ability to every kind of child as per their ability. After all at the end of the day, we are all born different.


The keyboard/Keypad

According to a survey, 81% of teachers believe the technological gizmos enrich classroom education. They consider them easy to use, especially the ones specifically designed for children. The teachers argue that there is a myriad of educational apps and soft wares available that one can just simply install with only a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.


There is also the matter of convenience that teachers always sight in their defense for the preference of the Keyboard. A student can easily turn in their assignments online from the comfort of their homes to a teacher who may be miles away from the student in a matter of minutes. No more excuses for why students did not turn in their homework.


Technological devices also allow the teachers to cover their teaching materials in creative and entertaining ways that are not possible via the pen and paper alternative. Many people believe this enhances the students learning experience and participation. This is because the students are more involved and attentive as they don’t need to worry about taking notes.


Clearly, both these different methods of learning have very strong points. You are probably left wondering which of the two is superior to the other. However there is no right answer to this question.  It all depends on a person. Everyone has their own inclinations to which of the two works for them. Just go for the method that makes you feel comfortable, because at the end of the day we all want you to pass your examinations.

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