How to increases a books Longevity

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Whether it is a vintage book that you’ve purchased from a second hand book store or a freshly ordered new book, Books need care to stay in good conditions. Many of our books are our most valued possessions and we would not want them to be destroyed.

Here are some tips that can help your books last longer

When physically handling the books

Whenever you are touching books, it’s imperative to do so in clean hands. The oil, perspiration, dirt and debris found on the hands may cause damage to a books pages and cover.  These kinds of stains build up and cannot be removed.

When removing a book from a shelf, it is recommended that you hold the book by the middle of the spine. Never pull a book from a shelf by the top of the spine. This can make them tear or even crack over time. You are required to slightly push back the two books next to the needed book and grab the middle of the spine to take it out. If the book is tightly wedged between two books, consider giving it a little nudge from behind.

Always avoid eating or drinking while reading a book. This is rather a tough deal in our fast-paced world because most people prefer to read while eating to avoid putting the book down and waste valuable time. No matter how careful you may want to be, spills are a possibility. Keeping the books away from food and beverages can keep them safe from stains. Such stains can damage a page making the words illegible.

Storage of books

It is highly recommended that you position similar sized paperback and small hardback books in an upright position on the shelf.  Lining up similarly sized books helps prevent the book from warping out of shape. If a book is too huge to store upright, you can always lay it flat with no more than two books on top of it.

Keep your book away from direct sunlight. UV rays from direct sunlight may cause the book jacket and covers to fade over time. This damage which is usually permanent, devalues the quality of a book. Always place your book in the shady corner of a room.

Books should always be stored in a cool and dry space. The room should be 70 degrees or cooler because many books are made up of organic materials such as wood, paper and cloth. This can make them vulnerable to fungal growth if stored in a humid room. Excessive heat can also make your book to deteriorate faster.

While performing maintenance

It is a general rule that books should be cleaned at least every two months.   While in storage the book is bound to accumulate dust. Use a clean cloth, a dust blower or a soft brush when cleaning a book. Always dust a book from the spine outward to prevent dust from collecting in a pocket behind the spine of the book.

In the event that you have a torn page in your book, you should never repair a torn page with tape.  The regular adhesive tape that people use is pressure-sensitive and can cause more damage to a book over time. Any other adhesive substances such as self-stick notes and stickers should also be kept away from a book. Using paper clips is also discouraged as they rust over time and destroy a page.  One should alternatively use acid-free paper as a bookmark.


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