How Books Can Help Promote Your Child's Development

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From books like Hello children, The Lady bird series to the mystery world of Nancy drew and the Hardy boys, books are a crucial part of a child’s growth and development. The stories they read and hear when they are young are the ones that they remember the most. Reading with a parent makes them even more memorable.


Unfortunately, in this era of the internet, computer, tablets and smart phones, many people consider books to be an overrated thing of the past. This is however a lapse in judgment because books still play a crucial role in the development of a child especially in the early stages of life. The various “educational” technological gizmos and TV shows may look appealing but they can never be a replacement for books.


Here are five ways how books can help promote a child’s development


Books promotes brain development

Reading books helps children become familiar with sounds, words and language. Language helps children understand themselves and make sense of the world. This in turn sparks a child’ thinking,   imagination and stimulates curiosity which helps with brain development.


Stories help children understand and cope with feelings

 When a parent reads a child a story which contains feelings, this helps them accept and understand how they and other people feel. It also helps the parents understand their children by learning how they respond to different emotions in a story. The child also gets to learn how to manage their feelings and fears by learning from the characters in a book.


They help children Learn about the world

Many characters in books are culturally, ethnically and physically diverse. This teaches children about other people and cultures that are different from their own. Some books even help them understand life events such birth, marriage and death of family members and how they are expected to feel and react.


They help develop a child’s self esteem

The stories that children read about their culture, traditions and customs help them develop a sense of belonging. It is largely believed that building self-esteem and confidence is knowing where you fit in the world.


Books help boost a child’s literacy levels

Children who learn to read when they are young become better readers when they are older. This helps them cope with the rigors of the academic life. It may even give a child a competitive advantage in the job industry later on in life.

Reading books is a very important activity that that no child should be deprived of especially during their early years.


“The most important thing that parents can do is talk and read books to their children. During their early years it is critical to provide children with different language and reading experiences.” (Greid Lyon, PhD, Chief of the child Development and Behavior Branch within the National Institute of Child Health And Human Development)


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